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  1. Thats the point. My balance is current 100x of the value of my airlines? Maybe there is bug in it? Would you please help me to have a look, thanks
  2. I have bought over 50 B727 and 10+ B737. I receive around 20 planes and they are all making a profit. Each aircraft made around 10,000,000/week and my weekly profit looks good. My balance is 87M but my airline value is only 2M. Can anyone suggest a reason for that and provide a solution. Thanks very much. BTW, I have been playing the game for 2 years (game time) and should i continue to lease aircraft or buy?
  3. I have encountered another difficulty. This time about new route. It happens to be error when i schedule route with planes
  4. Thanks very much. Would you please tell me when will be the next day?
  5. The bug about failure in purchasing aircraft is fixed. But i am afraid that there are still errors in the delivery of planes. I still did not get my planes after the pending date
  6. I can enter the game but i cannot buy planes or receive planes !!!!! So that's NO difference
  7. There are bugs!!! 1. Leasing aircraft result in 505 server error 2. Aircraft did not arrive after the pending date (i have 3 planes delivered in 11,12,14April, i receive no planes when it is 14April 1970) Please help fix the bug thank you
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