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  1. Yeah, that is the main reason why I am also not playing. There is no point in playing if the only thing making routes does is you losing money on it.
  2. This would certainly add a new twist to the game, but can potentially have devastating effects to airlines, especially smaller ones. For example, say a newer and smaller airline based in Country A was mainly flying to Country B, if the event was something affecting Country A and B, then the smaller airline will lose a lot of profits, maybe even forcing them to declare bankruptcy.
  3. MLB is an airport in Florida, and MEL is the Melbourne in Australia. Someone should probably differentiate this, to avoid confusion.
  4. This might work for a single player practice world or something.
  5. No, not really. Like I said, they were pretty useless in AE.
  6. Similarly, Tokyo has Haneda and Narita (probably to relieve stress at 1 airport)
  7. Yeah, however maybe adding some helicopters would make the game have a larger variety of aircraft, even though they were mostly useless in Airline Empires.
  8. Airport Name: Daegu International Airport Airport Country: South Korea Decimal Latitude: 35.8995 Decimal Longitude: 128.6384 Length of Longest Runway: 9,039 ft Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daegu_International_Airport
  9. I personally think this game should have worlds with shorter days (e.g. 5 minute days, like S4E and S4B in Airline Empires). It would certainly help the pace of the game, in my opinion.
  10. Series Name: Eclipse Jet Model Name (eg. Boeing 737-700, Airbus A330-200 etc.): Eclipse 550 Base Cost: $3,000,000 Crew Count (pilots only): 1 Cabin Length: 12 ft 4 In Cabin Width: 4 ft 8 In Number of Doors: 1 [If double decked] Second Deck Length: Second Deck Width: Second Deck Number of Doors: [endif] Maximum Capacity: 4 First Flight Date: October 22, 2013 Stop Production Date: 2017 Maximum Cycles (if possible, not always easy to find): Take off Roll (m): 742 Empty Weight (kg): 1648 Max Fuel Weight (kg): ? Max Hold Payload (kg): 288 MTOW (kg): 2721 Turnaround time (min): 20? [For each engine option:] Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Engine Model: PW610F (2) Cost: N/A Empty Range (nm): 1,300? Full Range (nm): 1,125 Speed (knots): 375
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