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  1. Expressjet loves its employees. #DOESYOURS?
  2. Dear AirGEL, Thank you for showing interest for our opening. After carefully reviewing your qualifications, we have decided to pursue other candidates whom we feel more closely meet our needs at this time. We appreciate your interest in our company, and the time it took to post your feelings on the thread. Please feel free to apply for open positions with us in the future. Again, thank you for considering us as a potential partner. We wish you success in your airline simulation. Sincerely, [Expressjet] Monchichi
  3. Expressjet will reduce its fare to $1. The chairman and chief executive officer of Expressjet Monchichi is excited about the huge domestic discounts. “We are pleased to decrease the fare of domestic airfare to $1, as celebration of achieving #1 passenger carried in Domestic US, Expressjet the largest operator in the United States,” said Monchichi, as per the press release. Company CEO Subsequently, these planes will be operated for United’s regional branch, United Express. Important operations Altogether, 25842 weekly flights are present with Expressjet. “We are delighted that Expressjet is fastest growing and largest operator. We would like to thank all of our hard working and dedicated people for making Expressjet the airline of choice. We are looking to double our weekly flights in near future both domestically, and internationally." It is reported that Expressjet currently has over 50 fleets unscheduled due to IRL and management issues. Company recently had several meetings to solve this situation <AP>
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