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  1. Any thoughts about marketing and how it would influence the passenger numbers ... marketing could influence a particular route or the airline in general ?? Like the ideas you are showing, as then you can use diferent kind of planes or seatings for similar routes depending on the type of pax you have !!! Best regards
  2. everytime i try to update a flight price i get a message with this error number Shown in the title ... Can someone give some help ...!!!
  3. Hi Gibus I only play this for 2 weeks or so ... and if you say so i take it for granted... i was just asking this because i have 20 empty gates in a terminal in my main airport and still i´m paying a lot of money in renting slots ... and find it a bit strange !!!
  4. Is there any possibility of choosing the gate where you want your plane to park ??? This would give a better use of all the gate hours... as far as i can understand the system is random at this point specially if you have a lot of empty gates... I think some people already asked for this but i will ask again... there should be a possibility of increase the number of gates in your own terminal, i think you could build a terminal with 10 gates and then increase to 20 and later to 30, avoiding the choice of several terminals or starting with 50 gates when you need 20 ...
  5. Hey guys, i think the price for the above plane is not correct in the game... 11 000 000 for a brand new Airbus that's cheap
  6. What i think we should bring to this game is a bit of diversity, otherwise in the end you just buy planes and find them routes: Cargo and events are things that could be added, but in my opinion in a different way, there should be a "market" where you could buy contracts to deliver an amount of people or Cargo in a period of time ... for example you have the "October Fest in Munich " and in that time a lot of people will come from different places for a short stay so you could get contracts to transport those people (Charter type). Cargo the same thing without political restrictions you send your planes to the origin first and then complete the contract (3000000 tons from A to B in 20 days). I don't even know if this is possible to be made in this game, and how much work it would give, I'm a zero in IT stuff ... but if you make 100 contracts that would repeat when finnished, it would be possible to work ... these are just "crazy ideas" that you guys eventually disagree or laugh about ... but thinking out of the box never harmed anybody !!!! Nevertheless i agree with the ideas you are showing here, Facilities in your own terminals (Duty Free + catering ), The Hub system with people connecting is great if it would increase the numbers of pax willing to fly ( would allow the increase of planes in the small regional Routes for shure), a Fuel Market would be interesting !!!
  7. Any idea when the new world (s) will become live ?? Just for curiosity 😀
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