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  1. Will you release 0.3 to existing worlds (when?) or will there be a third world?
  2. - how things are going in case of transfer-passenger? Are short connecting flights less important as the long haul part?
  3. I think that´s not possible within one year. First you need exact Data for all Aircraft in game. Not only for the size of the cargo Compartment, such details like fuel consumption in different flight states (start, FL, against/With winds/current weight....), needed length of the runway (acccording to actual weight) and maximum take off weight are the first step. Then you need some solutions to manage cargo. And maby a aircraft conversion tool for modify paxaircraft to cargo. A lot of work...
  4. employed people can not check her Airline everyday 😉
  5. some Variants of avro / bae146 & F28 are missing.
  6. Unfortenately there are some anoying things in ui which makes thinks more time consuming as nessesscarry - the lists Flight Schedule, Manage Aircraft and so on should be sortable. - there should be a suggestion for standardprice. Depending on Length of the route and typical aircraft. And Buttons for Price +5% and -5% - where can I see the transitpassenger for a connection? - where can I declare Bancrupt and restart in a Gameworld? - the flight schedule should be improved: there is missing a option for "change time for all days" there is missing a option for moving the complete shedule to an other plane
  7. IS it possible to slow done the modern game world a bit? Maybe 60Minutes / day?
  8. Hi, the demand for Sweden is currently just crazy. There is a demand of around 60 people from arlanda to lulea/umea, to Luxemburg its around 680. In real Life its nearly the opposite... btw: thanks for your work! Very cool!
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