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  1. I mean, personally, Iam doing fine without leasing gates, most likely since my planes never get any downtime, so I don't rack up any unnecessary costs.
  2. DM me on discord, I can help you analyze the situation. https://discord.gg/qudNez3
  3. would be interesting, but honestly, I doubt that feature is big enough that it would be a major focus point. It would be cool to have this little thing though.
  4. The existing worlds will be updated. any changes that will happen will not affect existing flights iirc. This means for example you have flights that are not possible, for example, insufficient runway length, existing flights on that route will be ignored to prevent issues. I can't guarantee that this is true, this is how I understood it from the dev.
  5. This is certainly deeper than I expected. This looks amazing. Can't wait for 0.3
  6. once again, wrong sub, but sure. You start off with 1 million, which is more than enough for leasing a few new aircraft. you need to find a route with relatively high demand, over 2k is good for a start. Then you need to plan the flight, (keep in mind to utilize the plane as much as possible) and adjust the price. if you do it right, you can make profit with only one flight. Feel free to join the game's discord and DM me over there, I can personally help you based on your situation. https://discord.gg/qudNez3
  7. I believe you're in the wrong subchannel. can a mod move this?
  8. from what I know, IFS is still buggy and not fully implemented. I personally don't fly any premium classes yet until IFE is implemented properly.
  9. does value matter that much in the first place? I mean, it's about crushing your opponents and chasing them out of the market (at least for me)
  10. hopefully that'll be the only move that'll happen for a while?
  11. Give it time, the server is being updated. Join the discord at https://discord.gg/qudNez3 to get live status updates on the game.
  12. 1 000 000 400 100?? you crazy man? I recommend starting off with 8k for long haul flights, 3k for medium and 500 for short-haul, you should change the price based on distance and go from there.
  13. you can sure start off by buying a plane. I started off by buying the only plane you can afford with 1 mil, and it made me good money within half an IRL day.
  14. Gibus


    Hey Guys, it's me, Gibus! I'll just be popping this in here as we've been getting a lot of the same questions recently. If you have any more that you want answered here, just let me know in discord or in the comments! World-related information Basically, and questions regarding worlds will be answered here: WORLD A-I: Time-frame: January 1970-January-2020 World Speed: 20 min/day (30 min/day for the first IRL week) Starting cash: $50,000,000 WORLD A-II: Time-frame: January 1970-January-2020 World Speed: 20 min/day (45 min/day for the first IRL week) Starting cash: $1,000,000
  15. World B will span from 1940 to 2020, that will be added soon. Any earlier, I doubt at this moment as resources are scarce, and we don't have the aircraft data at the moment.
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