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  1. Boeing offer a 757 with a higher MTOW, the higher power engines and greater range. I've attached the document from Boeing which illustrates this. We use Nautical Miles in the game which when converted to miles tallies with that published by Boeing in the link you've provided. https://www.boeing.com/resources/boeingdotcom/company/about_bca/startup/pdf/historical/757_passenger.pdf
  2. We pulled the data we're using from Boeing yesterday; unless you have a source this will not be reviewed. Also, please remember that the BGW version has a lower range, the HGW is the one which can do your long distance work.
  3. The following updates and additions have occurred: Boeing 757 - Engine options added DO 228 - Added to game DO 328 - Added to game 328 Jet - Added to game
  4. The following updates and additions have occurred: 747-400ER - Engine options added 747-400 - Engine options added
  5. Thank you, these airports and their respective catchment areas have been added to the game!
  6. There have been a range of edits to the in game database regarding engines and fuel usage for aircraft. Currently >110 have been updated with the rest to follow shortly. Hopefully this will enhance your in game experience!
  7. The following updates and additions have occurred: Airbus A310 New engines added Airbus A380 New engines added There have also been numerous edits across a range of aircraft to improve the accuracy of the engine data.
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