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  1. Good to know! Wasn't sure what would actually be changed in the redesign 🙂
  2. Something that has come to my attention recently... As I'm currently stuck with 1 'new mail' and I can't find which one is supposedly 'unread' 😁 Can there be some sort of difference between old and new mail? Bold? Different colour? Italics? Anything? We just need a way to see what is read and what isn't really, otherwise it's a pain to go through each and every one until you find which you're yet to read!
  3. Another little feature that could be rather useful at times, depending on what your plans are... Perhaps they change, so you need to delay the delivery? Can there be an option to postpone/delay an aircraft delivery, and the ability to set how soon the aircraft will be delivered? For example - ordering 10 planes but making the first delivery in 8 months time, instead of soonest available time. Or if you wish to simply delay a few deliveries! 😎
  4. That information looks fantastic! Definitely satisfies what I was suggesting... Can't wait. 😁
  5. A rather simple page that I think would come in handy! 😎 Can there be a place that lists upcoming aircraft productions and soon ending aircraft types? This could prove to be rather useful for managing your airline fleet, and planning ahead for future operations etc...
  6. Just a little something that I think will come in handy at certain times... On the 'my flights' page, can there be a filter the player can apply to see only specific airports? E.g. filter applied so only routes flying to/from JFK are shown etc. It would be particularly useful for those who for example have 3 main airports they operate from, and wish to see if all 3 offer the same destinations! 😄
  7. Just a simple adjustment that I think would be beneficial to the players... In the drop down menu for the mail in the top right, could the messages be sorted so that the most recent appear on top? The mail is currently sorted from most recent to oldest if you click on the 'more messages' section, however the brief preview section as such is not like this... 😁
  8. Connecting traffic would definitely account for some of the numbers, however it is also a very popular route for holidays and business trips either way. Another route for example has 3 or 4 A320/738 flights a week, however I can't even schedule a single smaller plane like the F100 on it. There is no connecting traffic there. Many regional routes also have many smaller planes (F100, Saab 340B etc) per day, however I can't even fill half a 340B due to the apparent demand. 🤔 Is the demand likely to be changed? As it is, it is very hard to run a domestic airline in the game (in the Australia/New Zealand region at least). It's nearly a requirement to fly internationally in order to expand better...
  9. Just wanting to figure out how the demand is calculated for the game, as the numbers seem miles off 🤔 For example - 1 route has approx 175 A320/738 weekly services in real life. However if you were to do that in game, the supply would be far too much... So my question is, is the demand in game deliberately lower? Or is there a certain way the game calculates it, and/or has it been incorrectly calculated? Could someone attempt to explain how the numbers for the game are worked out please? 😎
  10. Not sure if either of these are planned for future versions, so I'll put them in writing if they're not. The following two options would appear on the 'manage aircraft' page: 'Delete schedule' - deletes the entire schedule for the specific aircraft, removing all scheduled flights. 'Copy schedule' - copies the entire schedule, enabling you to then use that exact schedule for another aircraft (useful when moving, replacing aircraft etc). I believe that having these two simple options will make the scheduling process a whole lot easier... 🙂
  11. Thought it may be worth looking at what other aircraft information could be included... Can there be somewhere for each aircraft type - that states which airline was the launch customer, and who has the largest fleet of that type? Little bits like that would be rather interesting to look at. It could be on a whole separate page, or simply listed in small text on the buying page somewhere 😎
  12. I believe this is the most appropriate place to discuss a current feature of the game... I'm not sure if this is a bug or has just gone unnoticed, but the flight numbers don't seem to be set up correctly. The flight numbers simply keep counting up on a certain route, yet if the same flight is operated at the same time each day - shouldn't it technically have the same flight number? For example - flight AB01 operates at 9AM 7 days a week. But, the game would register it as flights AB01-AB07... That's my understanding at least, as the same flight numbers in the real world can occur many times in the same week. 🤔
  13. Fair enough, thanks for taking the time to explain why it is unlikely to be seen. 🙂
  14. As to my knowledge, there is nothing stopping the use of country flags in the game. However, I'm not 100% sure! 😄 Could country flags be displayed under the 'country' column in the world rankings page instead of the two letter abbreviations? Adding a little bit more colour to that page will do it good. I also believe more people would know countries by flags, rather than the little abbreviations. Could the country flag also be displayed on the 'airline overview' page?
  15. Similar to my previous suggestion (live aircraft display), I think there should be another way to easily check where your aircraft are at any given time. On the 'manage aircraft' page, could there be a highlighted area under the schedule to represent which flight the plane is currently on? For example, the current flight would be highlighted in a green. If there was no current flight, the next flight would instead be highlighted in a yellow... 🙂
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