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  1. I've noticed some errors in where airports are located. Just now I noticed that O'Hare is said to be in Racine, WI. Likewise Boston's Logan Airport doesn't mention Boston at all in the name given on the dropdown list, and is listed as being located in Rhode Island, and typing "Las Vegas" gets you to Las Vegas Municipal Airport in New Mexico, not McCarran International in Nevada. The location doesn't affect gameplay, but data errors always stick out like sore thumbs to me. The issues with Boston-Logan and Las Vegas are more concerning to me, given that both airports are large international airports and they're what I consider "key airports" in building my airline's first routes in worlds if I choose the US, or airports I fly into if I'm a foreign airline flying into the US. Logan especially tends to be an overlooked destination. I figure the game already runs off a database of airports, but it seems there are many errors in the data. I'd be willing to offer my services to review and compile data for the database to relieve some of the workload of the dev team. In high school, I compiled a list of over 5,000 airports for my VB6 programming class final assignment, I'd planned on having it be an airline simulator, it ended up only being a Great-Circle Distance calculator in the end because i had bit off way more than I could chew with a game. The amount of data I had compiled was massive, including information on the lengths and numbers of runways and terminals and numbers of gates. Re-compiling that information today should be significantly easier. Seeing as this game spans generations, I'd also include opening and closing dates for airports (ORD didn't have commercial service until 1955, and Kai-Tak Airport in Hong Kong closed in 1998 when Chek Lap Kok Airport opened) to allow even more realism to be included in certain worlds. Since I don't have the spare money to pitch into Patreon, I figure offering help to build the airport database is the best way I can offer to help. Please drop me a message if you're interested.
  2. I'd say not just buying the aircraft, but also extending the length of a lease. I sometimes will do a short-term lease to test a new type out, but then go back and lease several more on longer lease terms, and would really enjoy being able to extend the lease on a shorter-term aircraft.
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