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World A III & AirSim World 0.2.3 Alpha


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Hey Folks!


I have reset world A, as agreed in the previous poll, it will have 5 aircraft delivered instantly rather than 1. Correspondingly the amount of money you get to start has been increased to 5 million:

World A III:

Timeframe: 1970-2020

World Speed: 20 Minutes/day (45 minutes/day until Wednesday, November 4th to give people time to join and set up their airlines)

Starting Money: $5,000,000

Rules/Difficulty: Normal/5 Instant deliveries for new airlines


AirSimWorld 0.2.3 Alpha

  • Airlines from old worlds no longer displayed on airline selection page/top navbar
  • My aircraft view now allows viewing/sorting by cycles remaining/lifetime hours
  • Added header links for Patreon/updated issue tracker link
  • Ability for a world to allow for more than 1 instant delivery for new airlines
  • Gates will now auto-lease when a new flight is created if possible
  • New attributes for new demand model (this doesnt change demand in any way currently, just a way for the new data to start to be added to the database)
  • BUG FIX New day script rewritten to not take forever

As discussed in a previous announcement, version 20.11 Alpha (new versioning system) will release in a week or two to Patreon supporters and to everyone else one or two weeks after that.

PS: The version at the bottom still has the 0.2.2d + git versioning, I will fix that later. I have a flight in a few hours I have to catch and still have a bunch to do before then 😛

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2 hours ago, GARY said:

Does that mean that we will start seeing income from our ticket revenues on November 4th?

That actually appears to be a bug in the SQL file which I'm looking at right now. No idea why its doing that since it works perfectly fine in my local copy of the database, but seems to finish without updating anything in the live database (all without crashing or giving any kind of an error). I'll update y'all later.

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Ok, it seems like the issue is with the fact that the version of PostgreSQL that is used on the live server is older than the version used on my machine, as such, I will be upgrading the database, the game will be down in the meanwhile. This upgrade will probably take a good chunk of the day (mostly for creating backups and stuff, ASW has grown to be a very large database...)

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13 hours ago, Duck said:

When is the server going back online? It’s already Tuesday. Does this mean the world is going to go to 20 minutes a day by the time it’s back up?

The server is back up. I apologize for the delays however making sure that should anything go wrong we can restore effectively is a priority, and due to the size of the database that takes a while.


I will extend the 'opening' period by 2 days to Friday.

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1 hour ago, frequentflier said:

Has the leased aircraft not expiring bug been fixed?

If not, I will just terminate the planes before they expire.

Just want to see if I need to prepare for it or not.

Not in this update I dont believe (though it is in my 0.3 branch, I forgot to put it in this one), so it will be in the next 20.11 update.

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