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AirSimWorld 0.2.1 Alpha

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Hey y'all!


I apologize for the delay in getting this update out, I've been unexpectedly busy with IRL work and thus had little time to work on ASW.


Bug Fixes

Financial Report Bug #110 / #109

Fix unable to select seat types #98

Fix page not redirecting properly when not enough money to lease

Gate Leasing Fixed

Lease/Loan fix

Staff morale/effectiveness not calculating fix

Default Seat Type fixed

Other Changes

Ads added in game


I realize that ads are somewhat annoying, however they are a necessity. Hosting is expensive and is putting quite a dent in my pocket, which is why the ability for the game to raise money to help offset that is very important. Your support for this is appreciated!

AirSimWorld Developer

Please do not PM me about bugs or errors, create a bug report in the issue tracker instead.

Data errors (wrong airport/aircraft data, missing airports etc.) should be reported in the appropriate sticky thread in the suggestions forum.

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