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Hey everybody,

I hope this is the right place to ask this question, but I am a new player and I'm still figuring out my way around the game, but I had a question about gate slot rental. Under 'facilities' > 'gate slots' it says that I am not renting any slots, however, in my financial report I am paying $13,062,120 per quarter in gate slot rental payments. I would love to be able to see where I am renting gate slots (which airport(s)) and preferably which flights are using them, as well as how much I am paying (per minute and/or in total per flight).

Am I looking in the wrong spot or doing something incorrectly? Or is this still a bug on the agenda to be fixed?

P.S. I am loving the work you are doing and I understand that this is a very big project, even though I have no programming etc. knowledge what so ever.

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, it's a bug that will be fixed for 0.2.1. you're still being charged the correct amount (as shown in financial report), but it doesn't show properly. 

AirSimWorld Developer

Please do not PM me about bugs or errors, create a bug report in the issue tracker instead.

Data errors (wrong airport/aircraft data, missing airports etc.) should be reported in the appropriate sticky thread in the suggestions forum.

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