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There is a plan to do that as part of a broader effort to unbindle the user from the game server, that is I'm working on a separate service to manage users, achievements and such. This is largely for technical reasons, as I want to be able to add features that are not necessarily backwards compatible and deploy them over time to new worlds while still providing a seamless experience, as well as to be able to switch game servers while maintaining key statistics for worlds long gone. Currently, the way the database is interconnected it's difficult for me to clean a world up without removing key data from that world, data that I would like to keep as I plan to implement features such as player history, global leaderboard and achievements all of which I want to do retroactively. For this reason, the database from old worlds is largely kept entirely intact which is not ideal long term. 

As part of that change, it is my plan to allow the user to export some settings to be able to import them into their airline, though it might not necessarily be a first priority issue for that service. 

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