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AirSimWorld 0.1.3 Alpha


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As promised I'm releasing the 0.1.3 update today. Unfortunately I didnt have time to implement all of the bug fixes I wanted to, and as such these have been pushed back to 0.1.4. Also, as I mentioned earlier I will now shift my focus to working on 0.2, as such no new features or improvements will be released until then (bug fixes will continue to be released) 


AirSimWorld 0.1.3 Alpha

NEW: My Flights page now attempts to group by airport (if you operate SEA-JFK and SEA-SFO it will try to make sure SEA is the destination airport rather than having one flight be SEA-JFK and other being SFO-SEA) (#49)

NEW: Total weekly revenue in My Flights page (#42)

NEW: Weekly Profit shown in My Aircraft page 

NEW: My Aircraft Page Pagination/Sorting

NEW: Better aircraft selecting interface when adding flights

NEW: Aircraft which are unable to make the flight are no longer shown in the New Flight screen

NEW: Route Marketshare chart on route page

NEW: Aircraft delivery date shown on pending deliveries page

FIXED: Correct local time shown on return flights (#65)

FIXED: Aircraft delivery time per model not per airline (#62)

FIXED: Used aircraft flights removed when sold (#61)

FIXED: Used Aircraft seller doesnt get paid (#60)

FIXED: Cancel Order now working (#58)

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