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AirSimWorld 0.2.2 Alpha

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Alright folks, the long awaited 502 fix is here. From this update I will be focusing on working on 0.3 (unless something catastrophic happens). More updates will be posted on the DevBlog subforum, so make sure to keep checking to stay up to date!


AirSimWorld 0.2.2 Alpha

New Features and Improvements:

  •  New Airline Selection Screen
  •  Adsense Optimizations
  •  Better Logging (doesnt dump all in one file anymore, support for error codes)
  •  Increased cost of terminal construction
  •  Ability to extend/terminate leases

Bug Fixes

  •  Fixed no form validation on new airline screen #135
  •  Fixed the 502 bug # 133
  •  Fixed world leak bug on airport page
  •  Fixed terminals past Z not being named properly #139
  •  Fixed unassignable gates error when changing schedules #137
  •  Fixed Configurations unable to be deleted bug #122
  •  Fixed aircraft registration crashing with certain countries #140
  •  Fixed leases expiring prior to aircraft delivery #133
  •  Fixed ranking page not displaying properly bug
  •  Fixed leases not working properly bug
  •  Fixed Gate Slots page under facilities not working
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AirSimWorld Developer

Please do not PM me about bugs or errors, create a bug report in the issue tracker instead.

Data errors (wrong airport/aircraft data, missing airports etc.) should be reported in the appropriate sticky thread in the suggestions forum.

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