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  2. I mean, personally, Iam doing fine without leasing gates, most likely since my planes never get any downtime, so I don't rack up any unnecessary costs.
  3. Found out I couldn't lease gates the hard way. 😉
  4. Depends on how many planes you have on the ground at a time. That said, if you have negative balance you won't be able to lease a gate. So it might be worth it to either fly your planes more (to avoid overages) or restart your airline.
  5. How many gates should I lease?
  6. Well when I'm paying $14,951,001 a week is gate slots at IAH, I can see why I'm loosing money!
  7. If you have long turnarounds slot leasing can really add up
  8. Options are a thing that's coming, although not sure what version yet. It's actually partly implemented already though not usable.
  9. Wouldn't that mean I would be paying more money? P.S. My airlines cash is $-22,669,819
  10. Check your gate slot leasing, you might need to lease some gates. Look to your financial report to see what your biggest costs are.
  11. There are a lot of other aircraft that had retrofits. The MD-10 is one example. But it is a small feature and can be implemented way down the road.
  12. Yesterday
  13. DM me on discord, I can help you analyze the situation. https://discord.gg/qudNez3
  14. would be interesting, but honestly, I doubt that feature is big enough that it would be a major focus point. It would be cool to have this little thing though.
  15. My airlines is losing money even though I'm making 3 times what what I need to break even. Why is this?
  16. We moved the server and the tomezone was changed between the servers, I will make the change when I get back home. I'm currently out of town
  17. Lockheed L1011 Intro dates: L1011-1 - APR 26, 1972 L1011-200 - MAY 28, 1977 L-1011-500 - APR 27, 1979 Source: http://www.modernairliners.com/lockheed-tristar/
  18. In 1996, Boeing started a program that retrofitted DC-10's with glass cockpits that eliminated the need for a flight engineer. It would be fun it make it a maintenance option for people still flying the DC-10 in 1996.
  19. Hi, I was away for almost a week and I come back to manage my airlines again only to see all my flights moved ahead by 5 hours? Is this an intentional bulk change? Because it's gonna mess up the order where I add/modify my flights. Love this airsim btw.
  20. It depends, leasing a gate doesn't decrease your landing/takeoff fees but it does eliminate the gate use fees. Gate use fees only kick in after your plane has been sitting at the gate for more than an hour (one hour gate time is included in the cost of landing/takeoff fees), so as long as all your turnarounds are under 1 hour there is no advantage to leasing a gate from rent costs perspective. The only other expense associated with gate slot rentals is the ramp agent staffing costs which are a flat fee based on your aircrafts MTOW, for leased gates you hire your own staff. Generally speaking, since staffing costs are per cycle if you have a lot of flights in/out of an airport you'll save money on staffing, but if you only have one or two flights it's probably cheaper to use airports staff. You can look how much you're spending at each airport on slot rentals using the slot rental page under the facilities tab
  21. For the most part yes, old flights are grandfathered into the update. The only exception to that is the new demand model, which will probably have to be recalculated. Also to maintain everyone's sanity I will probably automatically update prices to match inflation so that it doesn't have to be done manually.
  22. The existing worlds will be updated. any changes that will happen will not affect existing flights iirc. This means for example you have flights that are not possible, for example, insufficient runway length, existing flights on that route will be ignored to prevent issues. I can't guarantee that this is true, this is how I understood it from the dev.
  23. Will you release 0.3 to existing worlds (when?) or will there be a third world?
  24. is true that if we are buy a gate will help decrease the airport fees ?. If not, what the function of buy/lease airport gate? thanks.
  25. I definitely might up those values
  26. Marketing is not implemented yet (probably 0.4), once it is it will have a small impact For connecting flights it will be the average of the two or three flights rating except for the travel time, departure/arrival times, and price/value
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