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Blue Horzion
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About This Alliance

Blue Horizon ✈ New Alliance New Members Welcome Super Global Alliance Founded by Air Australia

Is This a Super-Global Alliance?

  1. What's new in this alliance
  2. @erroneous Yeah I will be looking in to it and will decide soon
  3. @Air Australia - are you planning to participate in A II? If so, when can we expect an ingame alliance to be set up there? If not, can you appoint a second leader or moderator who can start one there?
  4. I think I have have fixed the bug of when entering the Alliance
  5. Yeah I have had some problems too creating the Alliance, I will ask the Dev.
  6. I don't know if this is the case for anyone else, but I'm encountering what I believe is a bug while trying to join the alliance in the sim. I reported it at https://git.sviridov.us/sviridovt/AirSimWorld/issues/102
  7. Launch of Blue Horizon in Game, Join now !!!😀

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